Post-Processing Analysis and Reporting Services for Radiologists

Outsourced post-processing services for radiologists and radiology professionals, providing expert technical analysis, on your choice of market-leading imaging software platforms


Benefits of Outsourced Image post-processing Analysis and Reporting Services for Radiologists and Technologists

Advanced medical image post-processing is a time-consuming yet necessary step in the diagnostic process. But radiologists and technologists who often perform this post-processing analysis each have higher-level functions that are better uses of their time and skills.

PIA provides vendor-independent image post-processing analysis and reporting as a service, utilizing a pool of certified analysts and imaging software solutions including Terarecon, Medis, Circle, Pie, 3Mensio, NeoSoft, and more.

This enables reproducible technical post-processing that delivers consistent quantitative data and analysis, while freeing up radiologist and technologist time for higher-level tasks.

And when custom measurements or modifications to an analysis are required, our cloud-based system enables clients to remotely review and interrogate imaging studies from any connected device— either on their own, or in joint session with PIA technologists.

Analysis performed on top imaging software platforms including: Terarecon, Medis, Circle, PIE, 3Mensio, NeoSoft, and more

send CT & MRI studies directly from the modality and receive them back with appended reports — post-processed to your protocols


Reliable and reproducible image post-processing analysis and reporting

Shifts staff's focus from generating basic measurements to patient care and scanner throughput

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