[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]San Diego, California: The American College of Cardiology’s ACC.15 Expo will bring the latest in scientific advances and technology to San Diego this March 14-16, 2015. More than thirteen thousand professional attendees from 128 nations will be visiting to learn about the many ways in which the ability to provide accurate, timely and quality care to cardiac patients can be improved. Cardiovascular medical and surgical physicians as well as hospital administrative staff will be in attendance. The goal of many of these visitors is to find better ways to provide patient care on a personal and hospital-wide basis.


Of special note is the attendance of Precision Image Analysis (PIA), that will be showcasing their remote post-processing solution for cardiac MRI (CMR) and cardiac CT at booth #1223 in Hall F. PIA recognizes the importance of CMR in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease and has developed a comprehensive service to help imaging centers around the world more easily integrate and adopt this sophisticated technique. PIA has developed a unique process for remote review and editing of diagnostic medical images and has a team of expertly trained analysts to perform quantitative post-processing. PIA’s CMR solution aligns well with the trending growth of CMR in the US and abroad.


PIA can help hospitals and imaging centers save both time and money by providing post-processing analysis of right and left ventricular function, vascular and valvular flow quantification, and late gadolinium enhancement myocardial characterization from CMR image sets. The PIA remote service frees the physician from time consuming quantitative technical data tasks. This allows physicians to spend their time caring for patients and focusing on interpretation. The use of PIA services creates a standardized level of analysis by using trained analysts who are scrutinizing similar cardiac cases on a daily basis. Remote work can be returned to hospitals within as little as two hours. For hospitals that only need a few cases analyzed at a time, and can’t justify hiring or retraining an employee, PIA offers a pay-per-case program that can be significantly less expensive. Use of this technology can translate into quicker turnaround and be more responsive for time-sensitive patient cases.


PIA has a proven track record as a remote post-processing and image analysis lab. The company also provides a turn-key solution and in-house training programs for locations that would like to bring CMR into their practice. The turn-key solutions include HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure support for image transfer, study tracking, and remote review and editing of analyses. PIA also offers core lab services to help pharmaceutical and device manufacturers to provide imaging solutions for clinical trials, such as pre-procedure analysis for trans-aortic valve replacement (TAVR) for valve sizing and screening.


Adoption of CMR as a diagnostic tool is predicted to double in 2015 to over one million examinations, with PIA well positioned on the forefront of this trend. Currently, CMR is known as the gold standard and the most reproducibly accurate method for assessment of right and left ventricular volume and function. CMR technology provides the highest level of temporal and contrast resolution, and used appropriately can limit repeat examinations and reduce the number of diagnostic procedures necessary. For those who would like to see the technology at work, PIA employees will be on hand to provide explanations and demonstrations of the technology throughout the conference.


About Precision Image Analysis: Precision Image Analysis (PIA) provides an innovative remote image post-processing analysis service for use in diagnostic medical studies, including CT and MRI. HIPAA compliant IT architecture enables physicians to upload images, monitor, track, and retrieve analyses remotely. Contact info@piamedical.com for more information