Are you wasting your days drawing contours?

Want to operate at the top of your license? Want to increase your throughput by 2x-4x? Outsource your post-processing to Precision Image Analysis (PIA) and get back your time.

Whether you have 5 cases a week or 500, PIA provides high-quality, to-your-specification post-processing—seamlessly working with your team to achieve optimal patient results.

PIA is expert at cardiac MR, cardiac CT, vascular, and neuro post-processing using TeraRecon, PIE, Circle, 3Mensio, and Neosoft. Our highly trained analysts offer superior quality and fast turn-around. Doing business with us is easy; we work on a simple fee-per-study basis.

Recover Your Time

Outsource your Post-Processing Today

Image post-processing analysis and reporting consumes 20 minutes to 2 hours per study. That’s valuable time that you could be using to generate more revenue.

How much time in week are your physicians or technologists spending on post-processing instead of attending to patients?

6 cases/week = 2 – 12 hours
12 cases/week = 4 – 24 hours
24 cases/week = 8 – 48 hours
48 cases/week = 16 – 96 hours


Image Studies and Notes

Securely send your image studies directly from your modality or PACS, and provide instructions or notes via email, or through a phone conversation with our analysts.


Outsourced Medical Image Post-processing 

Imaging studies delivered to PIA are post-processed by analysts certified to the highest standards and overseen by our rigorous quality and assurance protocols.


returned appended to original study

Your protocol-specific results are uploaded to your PACS, appended to the original study as a single series.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will we be able to speak with an analyst?

YES. We pride ourselves on our responsive service. PIA receives (and replies to) instructions, amendments, or questions via email, text, joint tele-session—and yes, our analysts even pick up the phone to take your questions. We work with you to ensure consistent and responsive communication.


What does it cost?

The type of study and your protocols determine the price. Please contact us with your requirements and we are happy to provide a quote.


What are the image transfer options?

Secure automated solutions include:

  • DICOM Gateways
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Leased Lines

Manual web transfers of image files are also available, and ideal for low projected volumes.


What about quality?

PIA’s quality has been independantly proven (through a University of Washington independent study) to be the highest in the industry. Our analysts are rigourously trained and certified.


Learn How to Improve your post-processing workflow, today

…and reclaim your time.

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