Precision Image Analysis Inc. (PIA), a cardiac MRI and CT Post-Processing Service Provider, Announces Core Lab Agreements with toSense and Erasmus University for their Ongoing Research Projects.

KIRKLAND, Wash., January 15, 2016 — Precision Image Analysis Inc. (PIA), a leading provider of Post-Processing imaging services, is pleased to announce growth to its Core Lab business. toSense™, a San Diego-based medical device start up company, is adding new measurements to its FDA-cleared CoVa™ Monitoring System.  The CoVa Monitoring System, featuring a novel body-worn Sensor for at-home patients with chronic illnesses, such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, and renal failure. Worn like a conventional necklace for just minutes each day, the Sensor measures thoracic bioimpedance and electrocardiogram waveforms, and from these calculates a thoracic impedance, heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiration rate.

The analysis done by PIA for toSense will be submitted to the FDA, adding Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output measurements to the CoVa Monitoring system. “We have been very pleased with the consistent, reproducible quality of work the PIA has demonstrated” says Susan Pede, Vice President, Operations at toSense.

Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is utilizing PIA’s services for the Generation R Study which is a population-based prospective cohort study among 10,000 pregnant women and their children focusing on maternal and fetal health; fetal and infant common childhood diseases; and genetics and epigenetics of common childhood diseases.  This project involves cardiac and metabolic analyses as well as volumetric measurements of genitalia, livers and kidneys. The first half of this project will be completed in 2016. “Partnering with PIA seems ideal. Our timelines are critical and they consistently meet them” says Prof. Vincent Jaddoe, Principal Investigator.

“Adding these two prestigious projects to our Core Lab business strengthens our position as experts specializing in cardiac and other post processing services. We expect to see this portion of our business to keep growing at increasing rates due to the reliable and consistent work the PIA analysts deliver” says Mary Waiss, CEO of PIA Medical.

PIA will be in Los Angeles January 28-30, 2016 for the Society for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance conference. Stop by booth 12 to see what post processing PIA can offer you.


About Precision Image Analysis Inc.

Precision Image Analysis (PIA) provides an innovative cloud-based image post-processing analysis service for use in diagnostic medical studies, including CT and MRI. HIPAA compliant IT architecture enables you to upload images, monitor, track, retrieve and modify analyses remotely.

PIA recognizes the importance of CMR in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease and has developed a comprehensive service to help imaging centers around the world more easily integrate and adopt this sophisticated technique. PIA has developed a unique process for remote review and editing of diagnostic medical images and has a team of expertly trained analysts to perform quantitative post-processing. PIA’s CMR solution aligns well with the trending growth of CMR in the US and abroad.


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