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The PIA Solution

Outsource your image analysis and post-processing.

Precision Image Analysis (PIA) provides an innovative remote image post-processing analysis service for use in diagnostic medical studies, including CT and MRI. HIPAA compliant IT architecture enables you to upload images, monitor, track, retrieve and edit analyses remotely. Precision Image Analysis expertly-trained analysts deliver results in as few as 30 minutes.

Migrating cardiovascular image analysis tasks to PIA means that you don’t have to worry about schedule, time, or resource bottlenecks. You can easily and inexpensively scale up and down with surges in image analysis volume. No need to hire additional staff, invest in software training or spend on unnecessary new technology.

Increase revenue, standardize results, lower costs, scale intelligently.

Accurate: Our analysts are trained by cardiovascular image analysis experts and utilize best-in-class image analysis workstation software validated to FDA 510(k), CE 0344, and ISO 13485 standards.

Timely: Results in as few as 30 minutes.

Secure: PIA is HIPAA and Safe Harbor certified. Encrypted HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure ensures end-to-end security and patient privacy.

Quality: We are committed to quality and employ processes that comply with international standards.

Scalable: Pay-per-analysis allows for seamless scale with demand.

Available: Track progress and edit cases, studies and reports remotely.

Image Analysis Services

Cardiac MRI (CMR) is the most accurate and reproducible tool for right and left ventricular function assessment and provides superior temporal and contrast resolution to other imaging modalities. CMR can reduce number of diagnostic procedures, and may result in fewer repeat examinations. Remote image analysis with PIA will allow you to provide CMR, increase MRI utilization, lower costs, reduce time bottlenecks, and standardize results.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) pre-procedure image analysis is critical for appropriate patient selection and precise valve sizing. Standardization of accurate analysis helps to mitigate risk exposure and helps ensure excellent long-term outcomes. PIA serves as a direct extension of your current image analysis solution. PIA allows for instant and seamless scalability while retaining the exceptional quality and control of internal analysis and provides 2 – 24 hours turn around. With PIA you can instantly scale up with demand without the burden of additional associated training, hiring, and software costs.

Core Lab – Precision Image Analysis’ independent core lab offers medical imaging assessment solutions to device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies for studies and trials.

Coronary Computer Tomography Angiography (CCTA) – an important alternative to invasive coronary angiography, is an accurate non-invasive approach for classification of the coronary tree and description of  stenosis  severity.  When you leave the CCTA post-processing to us you get expertly conducted quantitative reports for calcium scoring, measurements of stenosis, and curved planar reformations of each segmented artery for your interpretation in as little as 30 minutes.

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